Audience Awestruck As Women Singing WWII Classic Are Joined On Stage By Very Special Guests

When the nine women from The D-Day Darlings stepped on stage dressed in their historical military costumes, the audience at Britain’s Got Talent knew they were in for a nostalgic performance. But they didn’t know it would be an incredibly emotional one too when some very special guests joined them on stage.

The wartime choir opened their act singing The White Cliffs of Dover a song made famous during World War II by Vera Lynn. The group regularly perform classic World War II songs at special events at historical sites and more.

Then as they neared 1:55 in the song, they were joined on stage by dozens of military veterans wearing their uniforms. As they walked on stage, they received a standing ovation and loud cheers from everyone there.

Watch as the wartime choir sing this classic song and honor the men and women who fought for freedom so long ago in the video below.

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