Abandoned Rooster Jumps Into Couple’s Truck Wanting To Be Rescued

Olga and her husband went for a walk in a Florida park and encountered a rooster there. They initially thought the bird belonged to someone but when they came back a week later the rooster was still there and he was ready to go! He jumped into their truck so the couple took it as a sign they should take care of him.

They bought the biggest coop for Kyle the rooster but it turns out he wanted to be inside. Kyle was crowing so much that Olga’s friends thought he was lonely and probably looking for his flock. Olga thought maybe they needed to find him some friends so they brought home some chicks.

That turned out to be the best thing they could have done. It opened up a whole new life for Kyle and Kyle took a shine to one of the chickens named Pumpkin. He now does everything in his power to make her comfortable.

Olga says that Kyle’s not the only one impacted by his rescue. He has opened up a whole new world to her too.

Viewers of the video love the story. “Takes very special people to not only give a rooster a home. Then to give said rooster a flock. So lovely,” commented one viewer.

“Roosters and chickens are awesome animals with funny personalities. They deserve way more credit and respect,” said another.

Others noted how beautiful Kyle is with one person noting, “That is one beautiful rooster…and smart to get himself a home with a girlfriend.”

Whether it’s smarts or luck or a bit of both, it’s wonderful to see such kindness and mutual respect between Kyle and his new family.

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