Abandoned Puppy Taken To Police Dispatch During Snowstorm Joins Their Team Permanently

Just a few weeks ago, Paddy was abandoned in a snowstorm. Now she’s in a place where she gets all the attention she could ask for. The black and white puppy was found on the side of the road by a Hamburg Police Department officer’s mother during a recent snowstorm that hit the New York town.

The pup had frostbite, a cut on her face and a roughed-up neck both she was otherwise in good shape. She was brought to the police department’s dispatch centre. They expected that Paddy wouldn’t stay long as they frequently bring dogs back to the department and their owners usually come forward and pick her up. But no one did.

After a few weeks of waiting, Lieutenant John Baker said the department immediately knew what they wanted to do. They adopted Paddy.

Instagram / paddy_thpd

The officers had discussed getting a station house dog for some time and when no one came forward to claim the rescued dog they knew the energetic and friendly dog was home already.

“She brings a smile to everyone’s face,” Baker told WKBW TV. He also said Paddy has had an immediate positive impact, helping officers relax after intense and difficult work.

He added that she will help increase morale and is already very spoiled at the station getting lots of attention. The happy puppy loves her treats and loves to play and the officers say Paddy is now a permanent member of their family.

Hamburg Police Department

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