Pit Bull Waits Months By Side of Road For People Who Abandoned Her

A dog rescuer refused to give up on a young, abandoned Pit Bull who spent months waiting for her family to return. Judy is with The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue. She spotted Rosita in an area she regularly visits because it’s a known dog dumping ground. Judy noticed Rosita from her truck and tried to coax the dog over to her, but the dog refused. This continued for months, with Judy trying to catch Rosita but Rosita would always back off. Then, finally, things were about to change.

Judy broke down in tears when, after three months of chasing Rosita, she finally got her. It took a week for Rosita to relax at Judy’s home and learn to trust her. Judy began fostering Rosita and made sure to tell Rosita she loves every morning and to establish a routine.

Now Judy is hoping to find Rosita a forever home so she can continue saving more dogs like her. If you are interested in adopting Rosita visit TAO Animal Rescue.

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