75 Heartbroken Quarter Horses Walk Inside A Trailer To Go To A Better Life

When Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (HARPS) of Barrington, Illinois discovered 75 Quarter Horses living in inadequate conditions, lacking vet care and many in various stages of malnutrition and starvation.

Some of the horses had been national champions, but when HARPS found them, the horses were in imminent danger of being sent away for slaughter. They knew they had to act quickly to rescue and re-home the horses if they were going to survive.

They sent out an urgent call for help, and were amazed at the response they got. “It was nothing short of a miracle that in less than two months we were able to find wonderful loving homes for these horses,” said Donna Ewing, HARPS founder and president. “The response from the horse world was remarkable.”

Watch the video below to see these horses being rescued and on their way to a new beginning!

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