25 Of The Most Adorable Photos of Dogs And Kids On The Internet

Growing up with a dog as a member of the family is one of the best experiences a child can have. Kids get a best friend who will love them unconditionally, always take the time to play with them, cuddle with them, and happily accompany them on every adventure.

This article, written by DogHeirs.com, has the best photos and stories (linked) of dogs who adore their little humans, and the little humans who love their dogs right back. Get ready for a big dose of cute!

oliver-daf“Waiting for daddy.” Photo credit: Heather Oliver

Bohlin lays his head on his mom's belly.

“My wife is 8 months pregnant now….This has been his favorite hangout for last 3 months.” Photo credit: Nic Restrepo

penny-daf“Penny and infant Joey resting. Since Joey came home from the hospital, Penny has been very maternal and his protector.” Photo credit: Anne Petraro

“Bodie, our otherwise crazy, hyper 11 month old Yellow Lab, was unbelievably gentle when we brought Dylan home from the hospital. Their bond was immediate.” Photo credit: Jennifer Ray

bogey-2 Bogey and Hogan. “They both love each other to pieces and have since day one.” Photo credit: Andee Smith

jimmy-daf“Before Jimmy was born, the grandparents (and others) warned us “you’ll have to get rid of the dog”. We didn’t, and Baron quickly became Jim’s best friend and babysitter.” Photo credit: Jim Yex

lola“My son Leandro and Lola at the park.” Photo credit: Sonia

thor-daf“Rachel and Thor waiting for Santa.” Photo credit: Cassie

erika_lulu-daf“Lulu is a mixed breed, her mother died in a car crash, we adopted her when she was a baby… now my daughter and Lulu are very good friends.” Photo credit: Nora

lilmah-dafJulian and his best friend Lil Mia. Photo credit: LaLa

nap-time-dafNap time. Photo credit: Karen Sullivan

duke-dafDuke and Jade. Photo credit: Genjie Kirsten Tolentino

blanche-daf“Blanche come here you are my best friend.” Photo credit: Denise Turner

Prada and Mason by Kelly Charron on DogHeirs“This picture was taken when my son Mason was sick…I left the room once he fell back asleep…when I returned to my son’s room, this is what I found…Prada next to Mason hugging him asleep also.” Photo credit:Kelly Charron

haatchi-dafHaatchi and Owen. Photo credit: Colleen Drummond

smokey-dafSmokey and Cayleigh. “The water is running and they both had to go investigate. It looks like they’re thinking “whos going in first?” Photo credit: Lauren

kost-dafHellas and Fedra ona walk. Photo credit: Natassa Kost

callie-dafWhat’s down there? Photo credit: Callie

ben-daf“Ben was such a gentle dog. When my first daughter Julie was born he was her best friend. As this picture shows, she could lay her head on him and cuddle his leg to drink her bottle and he didn’t mind.” Photo credit: Janet Morjoseph

trey-dafTrey gives Blanche a kiss. Photo credit: Denise Turner

munson-daf“We were told by many that we should get rid of Munson, our English bulldog, before our daughter was born because of the breeds recent bad press for attacking children… She’s now 3 1/2 months old and he’s 2 years old in a week and has protected her from day 1. He even offered her his favorite toy (that he NEVER shares) when we first brought her home and she’d get upset and cry. He’s constantly checking on her if we have company & they’re playing with her or holding her. He thinks she’s his so we were surprised when he snuck this kiss and we were glad that we were already taking pictures to capture such a sweet moment. I’d say it’s safe to say that he loves her.” Photo credit: Gina Kurtz

amelia-daf“It had to be done… Happy 18th Birthday Scruffles, nothing much has changed! I’ve had my gorgeous furfriend for nearly 18 years!! This photo had to happen!” Photo credit: Amelia Perry

cori“My two girls knocked out on the way back from the dog park.” Photo credit: Cori


yogi “This is my dog, Yogi, also known as my first born. He was 10 in this photo (he’s 14 now). That little itty bitty is my daughter at just under 2 weeks old. Preemie twin, hence her itty bittiness.” Photo reprinted with permission.

img_4167 “Little brother & big brother, Hogan and Bogey, love each other so much. They are best friends and will be fore a lifetime!” Photo credit: Andee Smith

This story is republished with permission from DogHeirs.com.

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