160-Pound Wolf Dog Named ‘Trouble’ Turns Out to Be the ‘Biggest Marshmallow’

Trouble’s paws are the size of human hands and he weighs 160 pounds but according to his caretaker the wolf-dog is the “biggest marshmallow.” Sarah Hanafin
runs Wolves of Maine, a wolf-dog sanctuary. She takes in wolf dogs who have been owned by humans but cannot go to animal shelters.

Trouble’s owner passed away and he was surrendered to Sara’s sanctuary with his mother and brother. He is initially wary of people but once you are in his circle of trust “he is yours for life.”

Sarah says Trouble is like the majority of Wolves of Maine. He tests all the food for the other residents and greets everybody who comes to the sanctuary. Sarah adds that as rewarding as it is to befriend wolf-dogs, they are a lot of work. She says many wolf-dogs are surrendered to sanctuaries like hers because of the “wild” in them.

Sarah explained further on her Instagram channel what it takes to to earn their trust isn’t about becoming a pack leader but rather about establishing respect.

She writes, “It’s our job to show them love and compassion and trust. To show them they belong and that we are here to give them a safe place. To truly bond with an animal, especially a partly wild one, we must put our ego aside and truly learn to just show them love and compassion. We all want to belong in this world and be understood. This is what wolves teach us. They teach us that in order to be strong and powerful you must also be kind and compassionate. True strength is in kindness.”

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