Whoopi Goldberg’s Adorable Deaf And Blind Puppy Refuses To Budge So She Sings Him A Song

Whoopi Goldberg recently rescued a puppy she named Bear. Bear happens to be both blind and deaf. “One of the problems with a lot of breeding that gets done is, you know, people end up trying to breed for eye color and it destroys the DNA of the dog,” said Goldberg on her YouTube show ” Rollin’ With Whoopi”. “This wonderful dog is blind and deaf, but he doesn’t know it. He thinks everyone is like this.”

Since bringing him home, Whoopi’s been letting Bear get familiar with his surroundings. And all that exploring means one tired puppy. So when Whoopi was walking Bear and he lay down and refused to budge, she took the “time out” to come up with a poetic riff (channeled from Bear) and it’s pretty awesome!

If you can’t make out all the words in the video above, here’s what she says (from Bear’s POV of course):

I have had it.

This b**** has walked me
All over God’s green acre …

And I’m tired.
You know, I’m a dog. … I’m a puppy, really.
And I get a little tired.

And she made me tired.
She took me here and there.
And everywhere.

Stuff is all in my face!
I don’t know what it is, because …
I don’t know if you know this …

My name is Bear,
And I’m blind, and I’m deaf.
And my human walker’s name is Whoopi.

And she doesn’t seem to understand
That I’m a puppy.

I’m a puppy.
Yes, I want to bite at things that aren’t there.

I want to dance to the side when I walk.

I want to do all those things.
However, I also want to rest.

And she’s like a machine!

She wants me to poop.
She wants me to drink.
She wants me to eat. Oy gevalt!

What a taskmaster she is, but I like her.
… But don’t tell her!
Cuz I’m a puppy. And she has to earn it.

You tell her, Bear! But seriously, it’s a great thing that Whoopi stepped forward and adopted this special needs puppy.  More people should be made aware of the health consequences of backyard breeding as well as the fact that there are many other dogs just like Bear in animal shelters and rescues who are looking for a home too.

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