Humpback Whale Asks Fishermen For Help

Australians Ivan Iskenderian and Michael Riggio were returning from a fishing trip near Killarney Point in Sydney when they were delighted by a visit from a humpback whale. The whale popped up next to them, spraying water and even nudging their boat. They soon realized, however, that the whale was doing more than saying “hello”.

They noticed the whale had a plastic bag and tangled fishing wire stuck to his mouth. Realizing the whale was asking for help, Ivan leaned over the boat and removed the garbage from the whale’s mouth.

Ron Kovacs, who was fishing nearby, caught the incredible moment on camera.

Afterwards, the men said the whale slapped the water as he swam away. The two men were in awe with what had just happened and very happy they had been able to help. I’m so glad they were able to safely remove the refuse – it could have been life-threatening to the whale!

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