Dog Wandering Around Neighborhood Chooses A New Family for Herself

Mama Bear would show up at Jane and Matt’s doorstep once a week but nobody in the neighborhood knew who she belonged to. Jane says she fell in love with the dog immediately but they didn’t know who she belonged to. They put a note around her neck asking Mama Bear’s owners to call them but they never did.

Five months later it was January and Mama Bear was significantly skinnier. They brought her inside for a bath and some food but Matt said they can’t be stealing a dog so they put her outside to let her go home, but she refused to leave. It was clear to Mama Bear that she had found herself a great family and she wasn’t going to leave. They knew then they had to adopt her.

Finally, Jane and Matt found Mama Bear’s original family and her owners asked them if they wanted to take care of her. They said yes, and the family said okay. And just like that, Mama Bear got the family she had picked for herself.

Cali, Jane and Matt’s other dog, didn’t like sharing their attention at first, but five days later she had warmed up to her new sibling and now the two are best friends.

Viewers love how Mama Bear actively sought out a loving family for herself. One viewer wrote, “Looks like Mama bear made the right choice, she found herself a great family.”

“She was literally a gift left at their doorstep,” said another.

“I love how she picked her new family and they were up for it,” noted one other person. “No dog should live without love.” We couldn’t agree more.

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