Man Lives In ‘Stealth Camper’ He Made For His Bike From Old Campaign Signs

Paul Elkins cycles across the country towing what he calls his “stealth camper” behind him. It’s a micro mobile home that’s impressive in its size and ingenuity! Unlike other small homes I’ve seen built for the homeless, this one is mobile and attaches to a bicycle.

Paul said it cost $150 in total to make. He recycled fluted-plastic political campaign signs and a bicycle he bought for $20. He also visited Home Depot for some basic supplies – six pine boards, duct tape, screws, bubble wrap (for insulation) and zip ties.

Inside, he’s managed to squeeze in an incredible amount of useful, daily items. He’s got a camp stove, bread-pan sink, storage space for food and clothing, lighting and even a skylight.

“It does show the possibilities of a new way to get around and travel or to live. You don’t have car insurance, you don’t have home insurance payments. What do you [get]? Food.” Paul says. “For people who can’t afford a pickup truck and to build a little home on a trailer, maybe they could just do this and tour around. For people who are adventurers and don’t mind pulling a little weight and taking their time traveling, this I think would be a fun way to go.”

Paul’s micro mobile home is pretty inventive! Share his clever design with your family and friends!

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