Family Adopts A Black Lab But They Had No Idea The Dog’s Life Would Be So Crazy

The thing that first stands out about Rowdy, a friendly 13-year-old black Labrador retriever is his face. But if you ask his owners Niki and Tim Umbenhower, they’ll say that what also makes Rowdy unique is that he has “nine lives”.

Over the years, Rowdy has survived being poisoned by river water and being accidentally shot by mistake by police during what they thought was a burglary. And now Rowdy has something unusual happening to the pigment of his fur around his eyes. Thankfully, it’s nothing life threatening.

The unusual white patches around his eyes began appearing around a year ago and are the result of a skin condition called vitiligo. It’s harmless to his health, but his unusual look is making him a bit of a local celebrity according to his family.

“He’s like our own little celebrity around town,” Tim told local news station KPTV. “Everybody loves to stop us and wonder what we did to him or if we painted it on there.”

He certainly stands out in a crowd that’s for sure! Share Rowdy and his unusual looks with your friends and family! And check out these 20 dogs with beautiful and unique markings!