Two Abused Pit Bulls Meet For The First Time And Share Heartwarming Moment

Two Pit bulls with traumatic pasts were brought together when they were rescued by Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws. No one knew what might happen when Cadence and Chance would be introduced, as the two had just been rescued separately the day before. But what resulted was an amazing moment that no one would forget!

This heartwarming Pit Bull dance is all the more special when you realize how sad their individual histories are.

When Eldad Hagar found Cadence, it was evident that she had been abused for most of her life. Her body was riddled with wounds and scars from being used as a bait dog in dog fighting. The poor girl’s eyes and face were badly injured, but she accepted Eldad’s touch and began on her road to recovery.

Just a day later, she met Chance. Chance immediately wanted to help ease her pain and began licking her wounds. Here is the video of Cadence’s rescue from the streets of Los Angeles.

As for Chance, he was found hiding near a hot dog truck in South Central LA. Chance was frightened and living on the streets, but the Pit Bull quickly showed how affectionate he was, as soon as he was given love (and a bath!)

The two rescued dogs had a lot more to dance about when just a short time later both were adopted by loving families.

Here’s one last video of Chance just a week after his adoption. He’s one happy dog!

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