Woman Nurses Sick Fish Back To Health And Is Stunned By His Transformation

Lacey spotted a very sick goldfish at a pet store back in 2019 and her heart went out to him. She learned the fish was around 10 years old and had been surrendered. But Lacey could see the goldfish had lesions on his belly and was very lethargic.

She rescued him and placed him in a medical tank and although she didn’t expect him to survive, she wanted him to be comfortable. Lacey named the black goldfish Monstro after the black whale in Pinocchio. So Lacey was pleased when a week later he started eating. Each day, Lacey and Monstro worked together towards his recovery. She says it warmed her heart to see him trying so hard to live.

Then one day she noticed Monstro’s belly was turning gold. The better he got the more gold in color he became. And a year later he was almost all gold!

And in even more touching news Monstro now has a girlfriend!

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