Rescued Donkey Has The Sweetest Reaction Seeing Her First Donkey In 20 Years

A rescued donkey was overcome with emotion when she got to see other donkeys after 20 years. The Colorado-based ranch, Marill Ranch, brought their newly rescued donkey, Molly, to meet their three other donkeys and to say she was overwhelmed is an understatement.

Marrill Ranch shared the heartwarming video on their TikTok channel @totalygoat and captioned the video, “First time in 20 years our rescue donkey Molly gets to have her own kind [to] live with here. Exciting day at Marill Ranch!”

Here’s the heartwarming video:

Marill Ranch staff weren’t the only ones excited by the introduction. Their donkeys – Penelope, Georgie, Mila – were all happy to meet Molly and Molly lets out what can only be described as screams of delight. She brays and brays like she can’t believe her eyes.

“So excited she doesn’t know what to do. I’m so happy for her,” said @pattyd13. “She’s overwhelmed with emotion,” commented another TikTokker.

The precious feeling continued as the day went on and Molly spent more time with her new donkey friends!

@totalygoat Molly & her new friends, Penelope, Georgie, Mila. New friends forever! @Melissa #memorialday #donkey #happytogether #ranch #brayingdonkeys #braying ♬ original sound – Marill Ranch

Being pack animals it’s especially touching to know that Molly finally can hang out with other donkeys after decades of not being among her own kind. Marill Ranch shared that the donkeys are getting along nicely and posted a short clip of Molly and her new friends, Penelope, Georgie, Mila grazing together as a herd.

@totalygoat Living out best life! #ranch #donkey #goat #liveforthechallenge #happy #liveit ♬ Livin' My Best Life – Dylan Scott

Another viewer noted that Molly is now where she belongs. Trl wrote, “Every animal should have at least one other of the same species to communicate with.

Marill Ranch agreed and responded, “Now she has 3.”

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