Rare Medicine Hat Foal Has Her First Day Outside

It’s Coconut’s first day outside! The foal is only 2 days old and already prancing around and happy to meet the other horses. But what’s striking about the filly is her color. Coconut has a color pattern is called tovero, with a medicine hat.

The Medicine Hat horse is very rare and considered to have special powers according to Native American mythology and tradition. The horse is believed to magically protect his/her rider from injury and in the past would protect their ride from death in battle and help them find food to hunt.

Tribes would actually try and steal Medicine Hat horses from other tribes believing the horse would bring them luck. The horses have also been immortalized in stories like the one in Marguerite Henry’s book ‘San Domingo’.

The coloration is mostly seen in Mustangs, Pinto horses and American Paint Horses. There’s no denying Coconut’s markings are very pretty with her brown ears (the medicine hat) and the “shield” on her chest. And her white coat positively glows outside in the sun. Even the rest of her herd (including her dad) seem smitten with her.

Little Coconut is so adorable and is sure to grow up into a beautiful horse.

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