Nobody Wanted This ‘Strange Looking’ Puppy, Until One Family Stepped Up To Love Her

A tiny, unusual-looking puppy with facial scarring and inflamed eyelids has been adopted from a California animal shelter thanks to their “Clear the Shelters” campaign and the dog’s outgoing personality.

Lisa, now renamed Lucky, looks a little bit like an adorable hyena, with her black-colored snout and spots on her face. She arrived at a city shelter and was transferred to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley where she had surgery to help correct her “cherry eyes”/inflamed eyelids.

It’s unknown how the puppy ended up with her injuries, but she was all smiles when her new family came and picked her up from the Humane Society’s shelter.

Christine Doblar and her family visited the shelter earlier in the day and they fell in love with her.


Photo credit: Facebook / Christine Doblar

They’ve renamed her “Lucky” and Doblar wrote, “We named her Lucky and she is all settled in! We are so grateful!”

Doblar added, “Thank you to everyone of you that has given this little girl so much love and nurturing along her journey! She is a happy, confident and content little dog. We are so grateful to now have her in our family!”


Photo credit: Facebook / Christine Doblar

To see the other adoptable dogs at Humane Society of Silicon Valley, visit their website.

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