Dog Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned At Dump

A young dog in Thailand saved the life of a newborn baby after she was abandoned by her mother. Pui loves to walk around in the community, especially the nearby woods. While exploring one day near a dump, he found a white plastic bag with a newborn baby inside!

Pui knew immediately what to do. He picked up the bag and carried the infant back home. He began to bark loudly to get his family’s attention and that’s when 12-year-old Sudarat Thongmak came to see what was the matter. She was shocked to find the baby with her umbilical cord still attached. She ran to get her parents, who rushed the baby to hospital, the Bangkok Post reported at the time.

The baby was born 2 months prematurely. She was hooked up to an incubator to recover.

Pui is a Bangkaew, a Thai Dog breed. He received a special certificate and new leather collar from the Red Cross for his heroic deed and the Miracle of Life Foundation donated money to his family to feed Pui and the other three dogs at their home. The baby girl? Five families approached the Red Cross in hopes of adopting her.

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