They Put A Pre-School In A Nursing Home And It Changed Everyone’s Lives

There’s a very special place in Seattle, Washington that is changing the way nursing homes and preschools operate by bringing the two together!

Studies have shown that 43% of older adults experience social isolation, which is closely correlated with loneliness and depression as well as mental and physical decline. And many elderly become lonely when they move into nursing homes. That’s where the Intergenerational Learning Center at the Mount is trying to change things for the betterment of the elderly and the young.

The filmmaker of “Present Perfect” went and observed what was happening at the center and was amazed to see how despite the difference in their years, the children and elderly “entire sense of time seems more closely aligned” than with the “busy, frazzled, perpetually multi-tasking adults”. It’s clear from the short clips from the film that both groups get a lot out of their social interactions and time together.

I think this is such an incredible and profound idea and it’s wonderful to see such a place actually exists!

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