Adorable Photo Booth Pics Of Shelter Dogs Help Them Find Forever Families

What a difference the right photo can make! These homeless dogs at The Humane Society of Utah got a special photo shoot to help them find a forever home for the holidays. The photo-booth style photographs had an immediate positive impact and I can see why.

Each of the dog’s individual personalities shine through. Although a number of the dogs got adopted, many are still needing a home, and a number of these wonderful dogs are included in the photos below. The Humane Society of Utah includes more details on the dogs they have available and their adoption process on Facebook and their website.


Harley available for adoption

Available: “Don’t go calling this 11 year old Beagle a senior just yet, HARLEY is full of gusto and spunk! HARLEY will have no problem keeping up with any crowd. He’s a smart boy who already knows his basic commands and loves to play scent games finding hidden treats! HARLEY would love a family to include him indoors, see he’s not house trained because he spent the first 11 years of life outside. With a little patience, crate training and a solid routine HARLEY will learn.”



Adopted: “Do you enjoy running in fields of sun kissed dandelions, rolling down hills and lying on your back looking up at sky picking animal shapes out from the clouds? Then we have the dog for you, meet FRANCO!”


Adopted: “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home and THIS little piggy came all the way from Idaho Falls for his second chance at finding a forever family of his very own! We think TETON might be part bat, part piggy and part Pittie or a character you might find in a children’s book. He makes adorable snorting noise while trying to shower you with kisses and hugs.”



Adopted: “Looking for a friend who will listen to everything you have to say, comfort you when you sad and provide unconditional love and support? CAROLINE is your girl! This kind and gentle 2 year old German Shepherd is one sweet lady.”



Available: “At first glance, SKIPPY hides his secret identity well behind his big brown puppy dog eyes and tail wagging excitement…But the staff at The Humane Society of Utah have since discovered SKIPPY working on his JEDI powers! Proving that black dogs are pretty awesome! SKIPPY is a 7 month old Lab blend who is already house trained and knows how to sit and stay. He’s fantastic with other dogs and children….If you respect life, in any form AND are looking for a companion to join you in your adventures across the galaxy then come meet this Padawan today!”



Adopted: “Bay is a strong and curious boy who loves his treats and squeaky toys.”



Available: “Do you have any treats? If so MARS would like one, or two or three! MARS is a six year old Pittie who knows his basic commands, is crate trained and gets long well with other dogs his own size. He’s a friendly boy who doesn’t mind getting up close and personal.. In fact the closer the better!”



Available: “Waking up to a chilly bed? Not looking forward to turing on the furnace just yet? We have the perfect solution for you! APOLLO the bed warmer! Short and compact you won’t find a better model to cuddle with on chilly autumn mornings. APOLLO loves to cuddle and happens to think that 53 pounds isn’t to big to be a lap dog. This 1 year pittie mix would love an active family, see he’s really just a big puppy!”


Available: “Meet MARLEY! He enjoys good conversations, fresh mountain air and making people laugh with his silly shenanigans. MARLEY is getting his second chance at The Humane Society of Utah through part of our transfer program, unfortunately no history on this handsome fella. We can tell you he is a 2 year old Lab Pit bull blend and he gets along great with his kennel mates. He’d benefit from daily exercise and continued training to help him transition into a new home.”



Available: “Did GEORGE catch your eye? It’s no wonder this 1 and half year old Chocolate Lab is stunning! GEORGE is a social butterfly who enjoys greeting everyone he meets with 90 mph tail wags. GEORGE loves trips to the mountains, dog parks and really anywhere he gets stretch his legs and explore with his nose. He’s one active boy and would love a forever life partner to play fetch with and join on daily adventures! GEORGE is great with other dogs, has previously lived with children and is house trained. However we recommend a home with sturdy kids for GEORGE as he’s a big strong boy with one very happy tail.”



Adopted: “Did HARRY stop you in your tracks? It’s no wonder because this 2 year old German Shepherd mix is one good looking dog! But handsome HARRY is more than just good looks, he’s smart, loving and social! HARRY loves to great everyone he meets and especially loves the dog park!”



Available: “BEAR is a big dreamer, he dreams of that perfect family who will take him on hikes in the fresh mountain air to lakes and ponds where he can splash and swim his way into their hearts! BEAR the Lab mix is 7 years young and is filled with a playful, goofy personality! BEAR loves to cuddle and just wants to spend time with his family, he is already house trained and enjoys children and other dogs. BEAR also knows commands like, sit, lay and no…See he’s pretty smart too!”



Available: “We are often pleasantly surprised by dogs that come into our shelter with no history and this 3 year Aussie mix doesn’t disappoint. She came into our shelter as a stray and our staff fittingly named her SERENDIPITY. True to her breed she is smart, active and loyal!”



Available: Lively and lovabull that’s ROBBY the 3 year old Pibble prince! ROBBY is full of excitable energy and is looking for the perfect life partner share it with. He would make an excellent running or hiking buddy. He’ll need a little refresher on house training, but is good with other dogs his own size and energy level.”



Adopted: “Ready set…. GO! BRAM wants to race, chase, fetch and PLAY! He’s a 1 year old Border Collie who’s full of spunk and exuberant playfulness. He’d love to learn how to be a great pup and no doubt he’d excel at obedience, agility or even flyball!”



Adopted: “Hello Handsome! This one and a half year old Boxer mix is ACE and he is available for adoption at The Humane Society of Utah. ACE can be a bit shy and is looking for a loving family to help him build confidence and to become a happy and healthy pup.”



Available: “Looking for some excitement in your life?!? Then GIZMO is the dog for you! The 5 year old Border Collie Aussie blend is ready to go, play and entertain you for hours on end. This charismatic fella loves to go for walks, play with toys and show off all his commands. GIZMO is active and will need a human who can keep up. He has lived successfully with other dogs and cats, is house trained and crate trained.”



Available: “Big goofy and lovable that’s ROKY! This 2 year old Pittie mix is just a big clown ready to entertain anyone who will watch. Roky has lived with other small dogs who he did well with and also enjoys kids but would probably be do best with sturdy ones. Roky needs someone to take the time and teach him how to funnel all that extra energy into a well behaved canine citizen. Shouldn’t be to hard to do because Roky is one smart cookie and willing to learn!”



Adopted: “Goofy, lovable and cheeky are just a few words used to describe ENZO the happy hound dog mix! At just 11 months old he’s a big puppy that’s ready to soak up everything you’re ready to teach him! ENZO would love an active family to play with everyday! He loves squeaky toys, rubber ones and well just about loves every kind of toy. ENZO is not yet house trained but thats an easy fix with crate training and a solid routine. Just ask our staff for training tips! ENZO loves people of all ages and pretty much every dog he meets…Kitties not so much.”


Available: “If you took one look at MONROE and fell in love don’t feel bad…We’re pretty sure MONROE has her own person Cupid flying over head, shooting arrows at will! This precious Pittie mix is only 2 years old and is a real people pleaser. She loves to crawl into laps and look up at you with those big brown eyes. MONROE is good with other dogs and enjoys trips to the dog park. She is not yet house trained but with continued house crate training and a solid routine she’ll learn in no time at all. She also enjoys games of fetch, tug of war and would make a fantastic running partner.”



Adopted: “Is your check list for a new dog a mile long? We bet JET can cover it all and then some! JET is a friendly, well mannered Australian Kelpie and Lab mix. At 5 years old he’s well out of the puppy stage but has no problem keeping up!”



Adopted: “Miss Congeniality or REMI as we call her here at The Humane Society of Utah is patiently waiting for her forever family. She has a wonderful personality and will have you laughing at her silly shenanigans within minutes of meeting her.”

Please share these wonderful dogs with your friends and help find Monroe, Roky, Gizmo, Robby, Serendipity, Bear, George, Marley, Apollo, Mars, Skippy, Harley a home!

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