Families Learn A Valuable Lesson When A Pet Store Secretly Replaces All The Animals With Rescues

There are thousands of animal shelters in Brazil and most of them are overcrowded. Yet the situation continues to get worse because many families rather buy a pet than adopt one.

One Brazilian rescue organization is setting out to change this attitude. Quatro Patinhas (“Four Paws) secretly stocked a pet shop with rescue dogs and filmed what happened when families came in and looked.

“We invited one pet shop to lend its displays for one day. We replaced the animals for sale with pets for adoption. Without telling people,” wrote the rescue. The shoppers were stunned and overjoyed when they learned the adorable puppies and kittens behind the glass were free.

“There’s no difference if a pet is purebred or not,” explained Quatros Patinhas’ president Christianne Duarte Garoiu. “What really matters is the love that will arise there.”

I can only hope that programs like this become the norm rather than the exception!

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