Teen Was Tormented By Bullies But What He Did In Response Taught Everyone An Important Lesson

Josh Yandt explains that after his father died he became depressed and felt alone. To make matters worse he was bullied at school for missing his father. At first he didn’t know what to do, but one day he decided to stand up to his bullies by opening doors.

“I was sick and tired of being a no one. I wanted to be someone. And I wanted to reach out to people and show who I was,” Josh says in the video. He began holding the doors open for his classmates and greeting them. The simple act not only changed his whole life, it also had a positive effect on the entire school.

“Being nice should be the norm,” Josh explains. “It’s not something I expected to stand out.”

But it did. The kids at school started noticing him, and they realized just how lucky they were to have someone like Josh as a peer.

This is a remarkable story about how doing something kind for another person can dramatically impact your life! Share this inspiring video with your friends and family!

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