This Cat Was Bullied And Nobody Wanted Him Because Of His Unusual Nose. Then His Dream Came True.

Meet Monty. He’s a very special cat. A year ago he was a homeless cat waiting at an animal shelter in Denmark for someone to take him home. The 3-year-old cat was born without a nasal bridge bone, which accounts for his different looks. He needed a family that would look past his unusual appearance and see a cat with a sweet disposition. And he found them!

When you look at Monty on his Facebook page you can see how much he’s loved and how happy with his new family.


His mom and dad said that as soon as they saw him at the shelter they knew he was coming home with them. “His special appearance makes him look so incredibly cute, but his personality, he showed from the very beginning, is rare as a diamond,” they wrote.


His parents noted that when he was in the shelter with other cats that acted a little bit aggressively towards him, “Monty continued to lay calm and quiet, un-eager to pick a fight”


Admittedly, it hasn’t always been easy to take care of his health issues. The chromosome abnormalities that caused his unusual appearance means he’s affected now and then and prone to sneezing.


He also has a loose bladder that causes him to urinate in his sleep.


“He is unaware of these incidents, which makes him embarrassed when [he] find[s] out, so we are struggling to encourage him not to be since this is a problem he can’t fix and [has] to learn to live with,” his loving parents wrote.


Despite these difficulties, Monty is a brave little guy.



He loves being with the two other cats in the house Malle and Mikkel. And they love him too!


He’s a happy cat now. And his family wants to encourage people to go to their local shelter and adopt their very own Monty!


“We wish for Monty to be an ambassador for ‘crooked’ cats or cats that may not look perfect in everyone’s eyes! We want to raise attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic :)”


Monty agrees!


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