Doctor Tells Mom She’s Pregnant With Twins, But Days Later She Learns She Has Another Pair

Miranda and Josh Crawford conceived their first daughter using In vitro fertilization (IVF) and had planned on having around four children in total. As fate would have it, they would end up getting four all at once, and they happened to be twins. It’s understandably confusing, but what happened was Miranda used IFV again for her second pregnancy.

Shortly after, doctors told her they were having twins, and a few days after that they were told they were having quadruplets. She had been implanted with two fertilized eggs and both had split to form two pairs – resulting in two sets of identical twins!

“I was shocked, the doctor was shocked,” Miranda said. “Never had that happened in his entire career.” Miranda gave birth to two boys and two girls, all healthy. The timeline wasn’t what they were expecting but they are pleased nevertheless.

Both are professional nurses and are impressively organized. They have a system worked out even though they admit with five kids it’s “controlled chaos” around the home.

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