Man Stops to Rescue One Kitten and Gets a Big Surprise

When Robert Brantley stopped to save a kitten by the side of the road he wasn’t expecting to be mobbed by a whole “herd” of them.

In the viral video, Brantley steps out of his car and approaches the lone kitten commenting that she would surely be killed if she remained there. He picks her up to look at her but is startled by movement coming from the bushes – “Oh my gosh there’s more!”

Seconds later, the Good Samaritan, who lives in Pioneer, Louisiana, proclaims, “We’ve got a kitten problem.” He’s overwhelmed at first, saying aloud that he can’t take them all before commenting, “Who would do this?”

The video clip ends with Brantley saying aloud, “I thought I was saving one! Hot diggity dog.”

People waited anxiously for an update and soon Brantley obliged with a cute followup video showing the 13 kittens in his car. The kittens made themselves right at home in his Honda.

One redditor commented, “He seems overwhelmed, but is still doing the right thing. Good for him! I hope they all find loving homes!”

The kitten rescuer, or should we say kitten wrangler, wrote on YouTube that he “brought them home where we’re working to get them healthy and get a good home.”

His wife, Courtney, has since set up a TikTok account to share more video updates of the kitten on their farm. One shows the kittens being moved in a wagon (accompanied by an adorable dog).

@courtneybrantley1 Kitten update! Thank you all so much for all the kind words, advice and love that has been shown! Come be part of this exciting experience with us! Like and follow for part 2. #fyp #kittens #robertbrantley #kittenhero ♬ original sound – courtneybrantley1

And later, Robert is giving the kittens a wash!

@courtneybrantley1 Part 2: Kitten bath! Is there anything more attractive than a man who rescues a litter of kittens and then gives them a warm baby bath…..🥰 stay tuned, we have some exciting news that we would love for you all to be part of and help with! #fyp #robertbrantley #kittensoftiktok #oneofthegoodones #cutenessoverloaded ♬ original sound – courtneybrantley1

If you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above, try the reddit version below:

We have to applaud Robert for getting all the kittens out of harm’s way. And we’re pretty confident that now that his family has them well in hand, they will get this unexpected litter of adorable felines forever homes!

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