Good Samaritan Risks His Safety To Rescue Injured Dog Lying On Busy Road

Anytime a person comes to the aid of an animal on the freeway, they put their life at risk. But for some people, they cannot simply drive by. Rodrigo González saw a dog lying in the opposite lane of a busy freeway in Mexico and immediately turned his car around to see if he could help.

He drove by slowly and noticing the dog was alive and instantly decided to stop and help. It’s a dangerous thing to do, but Rodrigo was determined not to leave the dog behind.

Here are the original video filmed by Rodrigo of his roadside rescue.

Rodrigo named the dog Lucky. Rodrigo explained that the dog was at the vet for a week, he lost an eye and has a spinal injury. The vet had said that the dog would not be able to walk again, but watch what happened when Rodrigo opened up the crate door…. the dog walked out on his own!!!

It turns out Lucky was not the first dog Rodrigo has rescued. He has saved more than 21 dogs from neglect and danger.


Photo credit: Facebook

Rodrigo would look after Lucky until he could find him the perfect forever home.

A few days later, and the little dog was already doing much better and was able to enjoy the garden and socialize with one of the other dogs Rodrigo looked after.

Rodrigo says he shared the video of Lucky’s rescue to help raise awareness about the value of life and to inspire others to help where they can.


Photo credit: Facebook

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