Mama Dog Teaches Her Rambunctious Puppies Some Manners

This Golden Retriever shows what it’s like to be a good mama and sometimes that means putting your “paw down.” In this adorable video, the new mama dog is returning to her puppies after a short break and they are very eager to see her and have some milk. But they’ll need to learn some manners first.

The moment the mama is let through the baby gate her puppies scramble excitedly around her. They’re so rambunctious and impatient that mama decides to tell them they are being too pushy!

Watch the Golden Retriever mama dog discipline her adorable little pups:

We love how the mama lets the puppies nurse once they’ve all calmed down.

Viewers applaud how dedicated the mama dog is and note that how she corrects her puppies is why it’s so important that puppies stay with their mothers for at least eight weeks. They have so much to learn from their moms and they learn from their littermates as well.

One viewer commented on the video, “Mama dog has her paws full, that’s for sure! I love how she establishes order and decorum! Impressive!!!”

Another wrote, “So adorable. She said ‘y’all not about to run over me.’ All I heard was ‘Sit down. Calm down.'”

Several viewers thought humans could learn from observing this mama dog. “There are some human parents that can take a valuable lesson from this mama. She is instilling patience and respect for her authority,” the person noted. “I see a lot of parents today not taking the time to instill patience, respect for their parents or authority figures, discipline, and etiquette. Well done mama.”

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