Dog Who Endured The Unspeakable Now Has A Life That Is A Dream Come True

Lucy’s face tells the story of her early, traumatic life. But it doesn’t tell the story of the happiness she has in her life now.

The rescued Pit Bull was starving on the streets of Bogota, Columbia when she was found and taken in by a kind-hearted stranger. Her face was a mangled mess because her nose and jaw and been badly broken from physical abuse and she had likely been used as a breeding dog by dog fighters.


Photo credit: Twitter/Paula Pell

She was looked after by a foster family for several months before she was transferred to New York’s Stray from the Heart Rescue. A volunteer at the organization had heard about Lucy’s plight and arranged to fly her to the U.S. where she could be cared for.

Lucy’s facial bones never healed properly, but thankfully she was in no pain and she hasd no problems eating or drinking, so they opted not to put her through an extensive surgery which would basically have been cosmetic.

Over the next year and a half, Lucy healed her body and her soul with a foster family in Connecticut. She amazed everyone with her gentle nature, despite all the abuse she suffered.


Photo credit: Stray from the Heart

Although Stray from the Heart received many offers from all over the world to adopt Lucy, they knew it was important to give her the time and space she needed to fully heal and to wait for the right home to come along.

That home ended up being with Paula Pell and her partner Deanna Gray. Paula says Lucy’s courage and gratitude inspire her every day. “She inspires me to get on with it and never feel sorry for myself,” Paula told HLN.

“She loves to play and soak in the sun and eat. Simple joys,” Paula said. “We don’t know what happened to her and never will, but she teaches us that it doesn’t matter. She loves to have a home and ritual and sunshine. She needs so little to be completely happy.”

What a wonderful, well-deserved happy ending for Lucy!

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