Villagers Come Up With Ingenious Plan To Free Leopard Trapped Down Well

When people work together, great things happen! In the case of this animal rescue, villagers in India had to figure out a way to free a leopard from an open well!

The young leopard likely fell into an outside well when it was dark out and was unable to get back out. Villagers and forest rangers worked together to help free the big cat.

It took a bit of effort and trial and error to come up with a plan to get the animal safely out. First, they positioned the cage close to the well. Next they spread a net over top of the opening and finally, they lowered a ladder into the pit, hoping the cat would use it to climb out himself.

At first the leopard would not move, choosing to cling to the side of the well’s wall instead. One man tries to coax the leopard to move by gently pouring water on top of him and it worked!

Once the leopard was freed, he was apparently taken to a nearby Range Forest Officer outpost where he was looked over for injuries before being released back into the Kudremukh forest.

They certainly came up with an ingenious way to free the poor wild cat. Share this wild rescue with your family and friends!

A similar heart-stopping rescue occurred when a dog got trapped down a well and had to grab onto a rope to be rescued!

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