Dad Innocently Gives Horse A Haircut Much To Stable Owner’s Dismay

Everyone at the barn was up in arms after then saw the hilarious haircut this horse got from a dad who thought he was being helpful!

Sammy the horse lives at a rescue facility that takes care of farm animals needing rehabilitation. But when the owner of the stables came in to the check on the horses, she found Sammy had gotten a haircut, that is anything but flattering!

Needless to say, Ellen (the barn owner) was not happy and neither was anyone else in the barn, so she wrote a stern note as warning: “Please!! No scissors!! Ellen is not happy…All horses will have manes, bridle paths and tails done by us from now on. Thank you!”

However, it turns out it was an innocent mistake made by a well meaning dad. Redditor btssmgss32412 shared the hilarious photo of Sammy and his haircut and provided some much needed answers into how Sammy came to get the haircut from her dad in the first place:

“As for some of the questions, I can elaborate! Ellen owns the stables, she is not the horse. The horses name is Sammy. I don’t know who specifically owns the horse. My parents own a horse that is boarded at this stable. The stable is a rescue facility that takes in all farm animals that need rehabilitation, and they also rent out a few stalls for some horses.

“My parents go there multiple times a week to take care of their horse, and while there they help out around the barn doing pretty much whatever they need done.

“According to my dad, he was cleaning out the stalls and he felt bad that the horse’s hair was getting in his eyes, and honestly thought he was helping the horse out.

“After he saw the sign, he immediately apologized, and it wasn’t a big deal after that. I do want to add, we’ve not grown up with horses, this is a relatively recent hobby (within the last few years). However ridiculous the horse looks, somehow my father thought he was helping!”

After learning the reason for Sammy’s bad haircut I can’t be mad. Everyone has experienced a bad hair cut at least once in their lives, and I guess the same can be said of animals!

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So my dad calls me the other day, says he got in trouble at the barn for cutting a horses hair and everyone’s pissed off. I felt bad for him until I got this picture from my mother. from funny

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