Suicidal Man’s Life Saved When His Loyal Dog Stops Him

Dogs almost have sixth sense when it comes to reading emotions. Byron Taylor know his dog can, and it’s because of his dog Geo’s instincts that he’s alive today.

According to the the Mirror, 23-year-old Taylor was contemplating suicide after a tough break up. He had crafted a noose out of a piece of rope in his home and went downstairs to write a suicide note to his family. When he returned upstairs, he noticed Geo had the noose in his mouth. The Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff refused to let it go.

When Taylor asked his dog to give the noose to him the dog refused and growled and tore it to shreds.

“He chewed up the noose. He never growls, but each time I tried to take it off him, he would snarl…In a way, I think Geo knew what I was going to do,” Taylor told the British newspaper. He figures Geo knew what he was planning to do.

It was a fateful moment, one that Taylor says saved his life. Taylor wishes he could return the favor to his best friend, but he is now facing a future without him. His vet found a cancerous tumor on Geo’s head which is quickly spreading to other parts of his body. His condition is incurable.

His loyal companion has only a few weeks left to live and it will soon be time to say goodbye. Until the time comes, Taylor plans on letting Geo continue on being happy and playing, always remembering the friend who saved his life.

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