A Victorian Mansion Up For Sale Is Considered One of America’s Most Haunted Houses

There’s a Victorian mansion in Garner, Massachusetts that many people believe is haunted!


The home is known as the Haunted Victorian Mansion, but it’s also known as the S.K. Pierce Mansion, after the man who built it.

Frank C. Grace visited the magnificent home and took photographs that capture the home in all its creepy glory! He kindly shared his photos with Reshareworthy.com.


The mansion was built around 1875 and is notorious for the rumors and accounts of murder and death, which have lead New England residents to believe the home is inhabited by ghosts.


The 10-bedroom, 6,661-square-foot home was built by wealthy businessman S.K. Pierce for his family.


Tragedy struck Pierce’s family soon after they moved in. His wife contracted a bacterial disease and died quite suddenly a few months later.



When Pierce’s son inherited the home years later, he apparently gambled away the home but was allowed to continue to live in the basement. But he too died and is thought to be one of the ghosts now haunting the home.


Other rumors of ill-happenings include the story of a girl drowned in a pond in the back yard. Other people claim to have seen a boy in the windows of the home peering out.


Another story says that one of the prostitutes working in the home when it was a brothel was murdered in an upstairs bedroom.

Some people that look closely at the photo below claim to see a man’s face on the ceiling.


And when the home was a boarding house, a Finnish immigrant is said to have fallen asleep while smoking and burned to death.”


Many paranormal investigators haven’t dampened the rumors that the home is one of America’s most haunted and the home has been featured on many television shows about ghosts.


Mediums have claimed to have seen apparitions of people, heard voices and seen objects moving and doors slamming for no reason.


What is known is that the home has had some famous (non-ghostly) visitors including Norman Rockwell, Calvin Coolidge, Bette Davis, and P. T. Barnum.


No doubt the home has had many inhabitants with its 10 bedrooms!


Architecturally, the home has many fascinating and beautiful details.


Its entrance is a huge 9 foot mahogany door. It has all its original floors, windows and door fixtures.


Just look at the remarkable wood staircases and balustrades!



The home has a grandiose feel probably because of its 11 foot ceilings, marble fireplaces and large windows in every room.


With all those hardwood floors, I imagine there would be lots of creaking noises that would fuel people’s imaginations.


The home’s current owners did not know the home’s history when they moved in, but soon unexplainable, odd things began happening. Objects moved, plant pots tipped over and they saw shadowy figures and heard footsteps.

After seeing a pale man with piercing eyes staring at him in the nursery, the home owner was shaken to the core. His wife also had a frightening experience.


He and his wife only stayed a short time after that, before moving out. The home is now up for sale for $329,000, ghosts included!

All photos are published on Reshareworthy.com with permission from Frank C. Grace. To see more of Frank’s beautiful photographs of places (haunted and not), visit Facebook and his website.

What a house! With such a colorful history and beautiful interior, I’m sure the home will find a new owner soon.

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