Backyard ‘Granny Pod’ Is Tiny House Alternative To Nursing Home

As we get older we need more assistance in our daily lives. In some cases this means moving to an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or sometimes in with your children.

For the past few years, Reverend Ken Dupin has been working on building a special home for elderly people that will maintain their independence but keep them close to their families. It’s called the MedCottage, a tiny home especially designed with eldercare in mind.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

The cottages are designed to be built in the backyards of homes.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

The first MedCottage was 12×24 feet in size. They now come in three layouts the smallest being 288 square feet.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

They’ve been dubbed “granny pods” by some fans. Each home is built with home, electricity, water that connects directly to the homeowner’s utilities.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

The interior is open and laid out so that it is easy to get around in, yet comfortable.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

There are webcams installed for remote monitoring.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

The bedroom is open to allow for caregivers to come and go with ease. The bathroom is also set up to be low maintenance and handicapped-accessible.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

Floors can be extra cushioned to prevent injuries if a resident slips or falls.


Photo credit: Facebook / MedCottage

“Granny pods” may not be a feasible for everyone but some families love it. Visit MedCottage’s site to learn more about these homes.

These tiny homes are certainly an alternative to traditional nursing homes. Share these backyard cottages with your friends.

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