Man And His Son Live Inside Gas Station

Robert Guthrie fell in love with a gas station just outside of the French Quarter in New Orleans. So when the space went up for sale he bought it with the intention of turning it into his home.

His son thought he was crazy, but that didn’t deter Robert. He made the purchase just before Hurricane Katrina hit, and although it got a little damaged, Robert was determined to convert the 2,000-square-foot space into a stunning home.

You’ll be blown away with how he incorporates features from the 100-year-old gas station into his new home; they are so creative! Wait until you see what he did with the hydraulic lift!

He’s got lots of finishing touches that harken back to the gas station’s roots, but he’s also added all the amenities for modern living.

Take a look at his quirky home in the video below. What do you think? Share this unusual conversion with your friends and family!

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