Here Are 15 Photos Of Firefighters In Action. These Are Images And Stories Everyone Should See.

Sometimes, ordinary people find themselves in situations in which they do something wonderful to help another person or animal. Many times, these people are recognized for their efforts in their communities and even in the media. But every single day, firefighters are prepared to put themselves into dangerous situations to help others. They do it without reward or recognition, and there are no words to describe how important these heroes really are.

Each and every time I hear fire truck sirens go off, I know firefighters are going to work. Whether it’s to put out a fire, help at a car crash, or rescue people and animals during disasters, firefighters risk their lives to save others. They are true heroes and the following photos truly show how much they are deserving of our respect.


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They have one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet.


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Even practice is a dangerous enterprise.


Firefighters at an aircraft fire during a drill at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas.

Yet, over half the firefighters in the United States are volunteers.


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In the past 35 years 4,410 firefighters died in the United States.


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They save the lives of humans and animals.


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Not everyone can do their job.


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It requires strength intensive training, compassion and a big dose of bravery.


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And when they’re on the job they save lives, while risking their own.


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They’ll save you even if you can’t say a word of thanks.


Roscoe was rescued from any icy river by firefighters in Edmonton, Canada. Source: DogHeirs

That’s why if you can take the time to say “thank you” to your local firefighters, do.


Austin Fire Department firefighters assist a lost dog during a flood. Source: DogHeirs

They deserve all the praise and thanks they get.


Firefighters trying to save an abandoned convent in Massueville, Quebec, Canada.


Koda the dog gets life-saving mouth-to-snout resuscitation from firefighters. Source: DogHeirs


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