Pit Bull Lost Two Legs After Being Shot Now An Inspiration To Everyone He Meets

Meet Fifty the Pit Bull. He only has his two left legs after a police officer shot him when he and his canine sibling were sniffing around in an alley behind their home. Fifty was not attacking anyone or causing any trouble, but because he was a Pit Bull, tragically he was shot twice.

Fifty not only lost his two legs, he lost his family after his family suffered a financial crisis and lost their home. Poor Fifty went to a high-kill shelter in Chicago, where fortunately, his luck began to turn around.

Doberman Rescue Plus heard his story and saved him.  It was after he had been in foster care for a period of time, that Kelly Michael saw a video of him and knew she wanted to adopt him.

The holistic and rehabilitative veterinarian already had adopted a Pit Bull and had fallen in love with the breed. Fifty came home with her soon after.

Now nearly 10-years-old Fifty gets regular physical therapy, which Kelly could obviously help him with.

He has a prosthetic to help him get around.

But he also manages to balance and walk without it, as you can see in the video below!

He loves spending his time running and playing, which he can do despite his physical handicap.

He has the “goofiest smile” and loves giving kisses.

“As soon as I met him, it felt right and I knew he was my soul mate,” Kelly told the Examiner. “And, I knew that whatever he needed I would provide.”

“Fifty always comes first. But I tend to forget about his disability often and treat him like the wild, loveable maniac he is,” she said.

Fifty and Kelly also help educate the community-at-large about Pit Bulls.

Fifty loves people more than any dog Kelly has ever met and he especially loves kids.

“He is the best dog ever and truly an ambassador for the breed,” Kelly wrote on Dog Inspired.

She said, “Fifty has taught me to always fight for the ones you love, and I will continue to stand up for and represent this misunderstood breed until every last person feels the same way about them as I do.”

I can’t see that being too hard. After all, who could not be won over by Fifty’s infectious smile and positive attitude?

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