Father Takes Money He Set Aside For Daughter’s Wedding To Build 90 Apartments For The Homeless

When it came time to arrange for his daughter’s wedding day, this father of the bride decided to do something different. Ajat Munot is a business magnate who lives in Aurangabad city in India. The millionaire had allotted aside quite a lot of money for his daughter’s wedding – close to $11 million. Among the wealthy, grand wedding ceremonies can go on for a week with hundreds of relatives and friends joining in on the celebration.

Munot, however, decided to take a portion of this money and create 90 homes for homeless families. With over 78 million homeless people, including 11 million street children, housing for the poor is always needed.

The homes are small, but have electricity and filtered water. Families who were living in the slums were picked by Munot, who wanted to make sure these homes went to those who truly needed them the most.

Find out more about this man’s gesture in the video below.

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