Sick Of Ticks In Her Garden And On Her Dogs, Farmer Turns To Guinea Fowl For Help

Tired of wood ticks around her farm, Dorolres Richardson began looking for a solution. Her tick infestation was so bad that she couldn’t go into her garden or walk around the farm without getting ticks. Her dogs also had to be continually treated with chemical tick repellants to ward off ticks, something she didn’t like. That’s when she learned about guinea fowl.

Not only do they eat ticks, they also eat lots of other kind of bugs so she doesn’t have a black fly any longer either! She also hasn’t had to treat her Westies for ticks for two years. She also says guinea fowl make excellent “guard dogs” because of their loud squawk. The birds will sound the alert if any predator – such as a coyote or hawk – wanders onto a farm.

Homesteaders Doug and Stacy of Off Grid love guinea fowl and say the birds are low maintenance and very entertaining. The birds get their food from foraging for bugs and snakes. But Doug and Stacy say the birds do need training to roost in a coop at night otherwise they’ll end up in the trees where they are susceptible to prey. The pair of farmers give some interesting tips about Guinea fowl.

And if you are wondering if they might work in an urban setting, this guy offers some advice.

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