86-Year-Old Terminally Ill Man’s Last Wish to See Ponies Comes True

This is a heartwarming story of a Dutch man from Oss, Netherlands who had one dying wish. What he wished for and what happened next really touched my heart.

The man, born in 1928, is terminally ill. Two weeks ago, he lost his wife, but he still had family he wanted to see before he passed – his three ponies. His one last wish was to give his ponies a hug one last time.

Once The Ambulance Wish Foundation learned of his wish, they worked to make it happen.


The Ambulance Wish Foundation say that he enjoyed the visit to the fullest.

The Foundation works to grant wishes to terminally ill patients through the use of volunteers and their own ambulances, recognizing that too many patients aren’t able to get their wishes realized simply because they are no longer mobile and no other care agencies are able to facilitate the requests.

These moments of happiness are simply priceless.

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