Security Camera Catches Dog Home Alone Soaking House With Hose

Winston the boxer’s family love him a lot, but maybe not so much on this particular day.

“Who wants a free white boxer?” Roxy Dinkel entitled her video on YouTube. That’s because she returned home to find the interior of her house soaked with water. But what had happened? She didn’t have any faucet overrunning or bursting pipes.

She checked her security camera footage and discovered the cause – it was Winston!

She revealed, “Apparently Winston was having so much fun playing with the hose outside, that he thought he’d bring it inside.”

She shared the hilarious video online and wait until you see why she didn’t know what caused the water disaster at first.

Winston reminds me of Baloo, who decided to bring the sprinkler inside on a hot day. But at least Baloo’s family was at home at the time and able to quickly intervene on the dog’s water playtime!

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