Dog Gets Odd Haircut That Has Dog Lovers Wondering What Happened

A dog’s big reveal after a visit to the groomer’s is going viral. TikTokker @minimumio shared a short clip of the dog with his fur trimmed in such a way that his fur around his body is all fluffy and his legs are shaved down giving him the appearance of a sheep or, well, viewers had lots of opinions and guesses.

One thing is for sure, the dog’s new look perplexed dog lovers but millions of viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the dog’s fluffy appearance.


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Lots of people speculated what the groomer might have been aiming for. Truck_yeah89 asked, “A baked…A BAKED BEAN?”

Others thought the dog looked like a character that Dr. Seuss would draw. Many people thought the dog looked like a Lorax from Dr. Seuss. Nicholas Ritch even wrote, “Dr. Seuss would be proud.”

Mallory Shepard wondered, “Why’d they have to do that dog dirty like that?” but added a laughing emoji.

Dawn Caston imagined the dog is saying, “‘Mom, mom, where you at? They did everything wrong’…lol, love it.”

Alhara sympathized with the dog’s confused expression and wrote, “Oh baby who did this to you?” Others, simply asked, “Why?”

We were surprised to find a another dog got almost the same hair cut. So, maybe, it’s a new grooming trend?

Gosh. One thing is for sure, the dogs look as bewildered as we are.

A few years ago, Japanese dog groomer Yoriko Hamachiyo went viral for the hair cut she gave Sesame, her teacup poodle to Instagram.

Yoriko was going for a round shape for Sesame and pulls it off well.

So maybe the groomer of the dog TikTokker @minimumio shared on his channel was going for a similar look? All we can say is the haircut is…different. Love it or hate it, thankfully the dog’s fur will grow back!

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