Dog Swept Away By Tornado Crawls On Two Broken Legs To Get Back Home To Family

A family thought their scruffy terrier mix named Mason had perished after a tornado swept the dog away and destroyed their home in Alabama back in 2011. But three weeks later, the dog showed up on their home’s porch, somehow making it there in a near-crippling way.

Mason’s two front legs had been broken, but he managed to crawl back to what was left of their home and when he saw his family he greeted them with a wagging tail.

Left homeless and without enough resources to take care of their heroic pup, the family was devastated at the thought they could not care for him. They called the county animal control to see if they could get help.

Thankfully, the family got lots of support from the local community and from the vets giving Mason care. The family broke into tears when they learned Mason would get the care he needed and they could take Mason home with them.

Mason ended up getting two plates and 17 screws in his broken legs and was treated for dehydration and weight loss, because he had lost half of his weight during his ordeal.

His incredible journey home is a testament to the will power of a dog wanting to get home to his family!

Mason the dog

Mason recovering poolside with his two casts. Photo credit: Facebook

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