Loyal Dog Chases After Ambulance To Stay By His Homeless Owner’s Side

This dog’s demonstration of loyalty has captured the hearts of Brazilians after video footage was released showing the small dog chasing after an ambulance when his owner was taken away by paramedics.

According to news reports, the dog’s homeless owner suffered an epilepsy attack and lost consciousness, and when paramedics took the man to the hospital, the loyal pet did not want to be left behind.


screenshot via YouTube

The dog was filmed by the paramedics running after the ambulance in Taguatinga, Brazil for several blocks.


screenshot via YouTube

At first, emergency responders did not know the dog belonged to the man they were helping.


screenshot via YouTube

But they soon realized the small dog chasing them was probably their patient’s after he refused to give up.


screenshot via YouTube

The dog appears to smile at them as soon as they stopped the ambulance.


screenshot via YouTube

He immediately jumped into the vehicle and to his owner’s side.


screenshot via YouTube

He followed his owner into the hospital as he was wheeled in on a stretcher and stood guard next to him until he was attended to.


screenshot via YouTube

The man was later released and reunited with his faithful companion.

The video below is footage that the paramedics filmed while the loyal dog chased after the ambulance.

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