Abandoned Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction To Couple Who Find Him In The Middle Of Nowhere

A young woman moving into her new home got “the best house warming gift” she could have asked for when she found a dog near Bakersfield, California where she now lives. Emerald, aka TikTokker @idigcrystals, shared her heartwarming dog rescue story on the social media channel.

While on a trip with her partner Nat, she spotted a tiny dog in the middle of nowhere. They were 20 miles from the nearest gas station and as soon as they stopped the dog ran right up to them. The Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) was so happy to see them that he jumped up on both of them to say hello and dashed between them with his tail wagging furiously.

What follows is just the sweetest rescue story we’ve seen in a while. Watch it in the video below:

@idigcrystals Meet bluey!! Hes the best house warming gift i could’ve ever asked for #lostdogfound #lostdog #abandoned #dogsoftiktok #rescuedog #rescue #thedodo ♬ Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic

Emerald figures the dog was probably dumped by the fact he was unfixed, had no collar, had long nails and no microchip. But they cut their trip early and went to Nat’s parents to clean up the dog and see if they could find his owner. They posted fliers and photos to social media. While taking care of of the dog, Emerald decided to name him Bluey.

Bluey was so happy to see his rescuers. TikTok @idigcrystals

After spending some time with Bluey, Emerald wondered how anyone could abandon such a sweet dog. We have to agree. Bluey looks like the sweetest most playful pup. Emerald says in the video, “He’s so funny and so sweet. And he loves to play with everyone and anything.” That even includes her two cats, one of whom really loves Bluey too. So after a month of no one coming forward to claim him, Emerald and Nat decided to keep him.

Now Bluey sticks to Emerald’s side wherever she goes. She wonders in the video about his attachment issues. One viewer commented on this telling her, “Trust me, it’s not attachment issues. Herding dogs are just velcro dogs. Gotta love heelers.”

Emerald responded and wrote, “Someone told me this as well. I’ll always wonder if it’s abandoned issues or his heeler side.” Either way, she’s got a fur friend for life!

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