These Cats Have The Most Unusual Eyes in The World

These cats look like they possesses magical powers. That’s because their eyes are so strikingly unusual, you might think they are otherworldly, magical beings. They are in fact, all normal cats, with exception of their eyes.

This cat has an eye with black swirls.

This cat with a strange eye

The cat turns out to have a rare eye condition that gives him more than one pupillary openings in the eye. That’s right, his eye has multiple pupils.

The condition is called polycoria, which results in a malformed iris and the extra, oddly shaped pupils. The causes may be congenital or result from a disease or injury affecting the iris.

Here is another cat with polycoria.

My Friend’s Cat’s Eye

The extremely rare condition can also occur in humans!

People are speculating on what these cats may be able to see. Many believe cats with polycoria may be seeing multiple images. There could be a “ghosting” effect with images superimposing over top of each other, much like a mirror maze. While others guess the cat may only see fuzzy images at best.

This cat has heterochromia, a rare condition that causes the iris of both eyes to contain completely different colors.

Multi-colored eyes cat

Cats with heterochromia are usually white or spotted white.

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These googly-eyed cats may look a little bit goofy, but they’re every bit as lovable.

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The medical condition that causes the googly eyes is called strabismus.

It may be hereditary or they could develop it later in life due to trauma or other illness, such as cancer or inflammation of the nerves.

My coworkers cross-eyed cat.

No matter what these cats have, their eyes are both weird and wonderful!

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