Cat Born With ‘Two Faces’ Grows Up To Become Stunningly Beautiful

A unique cat with beautiful two-toned facial fur has captured the hearts of animal lovers.

The striking British Shorthair cat lives in France, and has been called the cat with “two faces” because of its perfectly halved facial hair that is black on one side and grey on the other.

Some might say the cat named Narnia resembles the Batman villain “Two Face” but Narnia is much cuter than that fictional character!

Professional animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat recently took photos of the beautiful feline and Narnia’s human, Stephanie Jimenez, also shares photos of the cute kitty on Instagram.

Narnia was the only kitten in the litter to be born this way. Here he is with his sisters.

Jimenez took one look at Narnia and fell in love with the unique cat.

While it’s not fully known why Narnia looks this way, it’s thought he is a chimera. Here he is at 11 months old.

No wonder Narnia has captured people’s imaginations!

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