Mom’s Shopping Cart Making Huge Difference In Lives Of Special Needs Kids And Seniors

Eight years ago, Drew Ann Long was grocery shopping with her children when she was inspired to create something that is now having a huge impact on the lives of families with special needs.

The mom of three is always busy and on the go. Her middle child, Caroline, is wheelchair-bound with special needs. Long wants to include Caroline in everything she possibly can. One day she was grocery shopping with her 2-year-old son and Caroline and she was trying desperately to help her daughter along in her wheelchair while maneuvering a shopping cart at the same time.

The frustrated mom realized there was a big need for something that would not only help her 7-year-old daughter but other families with special needs kids. That’s when she sat down and drew a shopping cart that would help Caroline.

The result is Caroline’s Cart. It’s simple, very practical and much needed as it allows parents and caregivers with older kids with mobility issues to be able to shop without problems. Long wanted to give special needs families a sense of normalcy, in an activity every family does.

Long and her husband fought long and hard to get the specially designed carts made and accepted at retailers. But they persevered and eventually got a manufacturer on board and orders started to come in. The carts can be found in Target stores as well as a number of Walmart, and Home Depot locations. Long is starting to hear from families across the country whose lives have been improved by her carts.

Even she couldn’t have anticipated how her cart would help people a variety of disabilities, young and old alike!

Long says she wants Caroline’s Cart in every grocery store in the United States because she knows there isn’t a community that doesn’t have a family like hers.

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