Rescue Dog Wiggles With Glee When She Experiences A Real Bed For The First Time In Her Life

Millie’s rescuers at Pibbles & More Animal Rescue don’t know much about the 7-year-old Bull Terrier’s backstory other than she had several litters of puppies and was not given proper medical care. Her foster mom, Jill Stafford, believes Millie didn’t get to experience many things a family dog does.

For instance, when she was given her first bone to chew on, she didn’t know what to do with it. She picked it up and set it down around 20 times, just looking at it. It wasn’t until she saw Jill’s dog, Mia, chewing on one, that Millie figured out what to do!

The same goes for the bed. If this video is any indication, Millie probably never got to relax and romp on a bed until now. Just watch her reaction when she gets to go on Jill’s bed. Sweetest moment ever!

Millie is a goofy, sweet dog with a lot of love to give. And the great news is that Millie was just adopted!

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