Teen With Cerebral Palsy Asks Nike For A Pair Of Sneakers And Gets An Amazing Response

Teenager Matthew Walzer has Cerebral Palsy, and just like any of us, he wanted the freedom to take care of himself. He decided to send a letter to Nike asking them for help. Because of his condition, he has trouble with shoelaces.

In his letter, Matt explained that he is soon going to college and wants a shoe he can put on himself. He also quoted an early mantra of Nike’s, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

What the company did in response? Simply wonderful! Not only did they do something amazing for Matthew, they took it a step further and now have a shoe they call the Flyease that is designed especially for people who have trouble with their hands and the company is bringing it to market.

It’s awesome how this young boy’s request sparked off an invention that’s sure to help many people. Share this touching story with your friends!

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