Depressed Blind Dog Comes Back To Life With Help From Angelic Device

Pet parent Andrea Smoak noticed her blind Yorkshire Terrier, Tiger, became depressed after her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. The little dog stopped talking (barking) and she hadn’t heard his voice in 2 months. Wanting to do something to help her dog, she learned about Muffin’s Halo. The clever device is like a walking cane for blind dogs, helping protect them if they bump into an object and giving them confidence to explore.

The moment Andrea put the device on Tiger his attitude completely changed. She wrote, “I cried, since my husband’s departure to Afghanistan I hadn’t heard Tiger’s voice in 2 months. Muffin’s Halo made him so happy. He found his toy [and] brought it to me so we could play. This is rare since he lost his sight. He loves it! The pure joy I received when I heard him bark was priceless!”

It’s so awesome to see dogs with disabilities getting a helping hand!

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